Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Small knit series - mega thick doily

I am not quite sure what to call this knitted thing. Jo Sharp calls it a tea pot mat, and she has a point.
However, it reminds me of a doily, being a bit lacey.

It is pretty good at keeping hot things off the table.

I used the yarn indicated in the pattern in Knit 2, Garnet desert garden aran cotton. The only issue with the pattern was that cotton does not block very well, you need to get your shaping and tension just right whilst knitting.
It uses less than a ball, just right for a left over project.I thought I was knitting this for my grandmother -in-law, for her birthday, but made a bit of a mistake currently hidden under the tea pot. I could have made another one, or frogged this one, but have started some cushy soft fingerless mittens instead.

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