Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Show off stranded socks


I had marvellous intentions of knitting socks for everyone in time for Christmas, but alas, I have recently finished only my fourth pair for the year. I must have been knitting too many cardigans and jumpers.

I like these socks very much, they are made from the lovely yarn, colourway 1335 Vintage, and the pattern, show-off stranded socks is a free download from Anne Campbell's website. They have a really interesting heel and gusset construction, and a very cool overall pattern of slipped and passed over stitches.
The only trouble I had was that the stitch pattern is not quite so stretchy as stocking stitch, and I foolishly failed to allow for this in my choice of sizes. It is just terrible ;) that the only person in the house these actually fit is moi. They are rather stretched over the foot of my daughter, in her role as sock model, and she was complaining bitterly about this for the entire 35 seconds of the photo shoot. They look good though!
I have started some plain socks with self striping yarn. I might make them a bit small for other peopel too.