Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fitting knits

Recently I recieved an email from a knitter who was asking about why her knits did not fit. This is also a frustration that Knit night discuss frequently!
There are a number of reasons this can happen - tension,reading the finished measurements carefully to select ease,etc but I truly feel that the biggest frustration people have with fitting a knit ill fitting after all their work, is selecting a pattern with features that do not suit their figure, (see my a-line Knit 4 cardigan that now belongs to my daughter)

I love this cardigan - but not on me!

Of course another issue is not knowing how to make modifications to adapt a pattern to their particular figure.
I was really excited to come across this series of articles at Knit Stash Repeat on Fit to Flatter. This is a fabulous resource.
I think knitted garments should always turn into favourite, flattering clothes.