Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A-line cardigan, Jo Sharp Knit 4

After my long post about working with Lumina, I thought I should leave the actual garment for another post.
I am very pleased with the finished garment.It is a beautiful colour, and a perfect weight for this time of year in Queensland.
SAM_0267This is the shorter version,# 1 from Knit 4, with the closure from version 2, albeit with 5 loops on each side instead of 3.
I did change the construction slightly. I made the main body of the cardigan in the round, to reduce seaming, and when I did seam, I used only the cotton strands, splitting these out from the yarn.
The pattern called for separate, short crochet chain loops. It seemed to me, that these short loops would increase the sewing required, and also increase the risk of the rayon strand in the yarn unravelling.
SAM_0303 Instead I made one long chain for each side of the front, and couched the chain to the inner edge in between the loops.

Unfortunately, although I made this cardigan for myself, the A-line shape is not really flattering on me. I should have altered the shaping to be more fitted at the waist.
My daughter is quite pleased with my mistake, I don't think I am getting this cardigan back.

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  1. I thought it looked lovely on you but I have to agree, it looks gorgeous on her too. Perhaps you could share it? LOL