Monday, May 31, 2010

More Gympie Show results

I found the camera, so here is a more happy post. Lynne is right, frogging mohair is not an easy job! I may need to just finish the shrug after all. It is thinking about its bad behaviour whilst resting in a too hard bag at the moment.

Here is another of Hannah's successful show projects.

She knit this in a week, as she decided at the last minute not to include her socks in the high school knitting section, and needed a substitute entry. The cardigan is made from Baby Bamboo, pretty much to the pattern, although she has substituted willow green for one of the pink border shades. I think the green really makes it pop.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The sad side of knitting

I am feeling a bit sad about posting today, as I have mislaid my camera, which has some more photographs of winning entries, which were my original posting subject, so thought I would post about an unsuccessful project instead, to keep in the mood!

Some months ago (Okay, nearly a year ago) I started the mohair shrug, with butterfly lace pattern, from Jo Sharp's knit 5.

I had a lovely time knitting the butterfly lace pattern, my only regret being that the lace pattern is almost invisible due to the soft halo of the yarn. I didn't mind this too much, thinking I would use the same lace pattern later for a scarf, where the light shines through the lace whilst you are wearing it, or perhaps in a less fluffy yarn.

Due to some interruptions (ie, shiny new projects that jumped the queue) I let the unsewn sleeve number 1 sit for a while, but around December, I decided to sew it up, in order to resume the project with a feeling of virtue (I am not very fond of the sewing up part of knitting).
Unfortunately, I found the sleeve to be rather baggy.
I took it in a little ( more sewing :( ) and started sleeve number 2.
While I was earnestly knitting sleeve number 2, just a bit every day, as I try to with a sluggish sort of project, I thought again how much more likeable I would find the lace pattern as a scarf. However, ploughing on, I started the decreases. Then I took these photographs for a progress report (trying to generate self enthusiasm).


I really don't find the sleeve flattering.
I don't think I will wear the shrug if I persist.
I think I will have to undo this project.
Sometimes you have to cut your losses.

Fortunately, I am quite keen to embark on the wrap jacket from Knit6 - using Rare Comfort Kid Mohair and Silkroad Aran Tweed together. The thought of a lovely new project will console me whilst I reverse knit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Show winners

It is so exciting to have the category prize winners come into the shop with their prize vouchers.
I have been able to see some of the entries close up.
Here is Hannah's advent calender wall hanging - made from StitchBliss fabrics, threads and buttons. Hannah has drawn most of her own embroidery designs for the pockets.


She won first prize in the High School "any other entry" fancywork section, against some stiff competition - there is some fabulous work coming out of Home Economics and Textiles at our local schools. Congratulations Hannah!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Gympie Show

I can't wait to see the prize winning projects.

Sublime Baby Cardigan

This darling cardigan "Little rose" on the cover oft the third little Sublime hand knit book really appeals to me.
I am sure someone will have a baby soon, so it is important for me to have a present ready :) (That is my excuse for knitting this, and I am sticking to it!)
I made the smallest size, 0-6 months, and it is quite tiny. I chose to make only one of the roses as embellishment, as I felt the 4 shown in the pattern would look too heavy on this very small size.
The yarn is Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk, colour 126 rosy. It is as luscious to knit as it sounds.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fibre arts

I love knitting, so I tend to think of yarn as knitting material. However, I also love to see the other uses for the yummy materials from the shop.
This is what clever weaver Barb made as a "test" from one ball of Sirdar Crofter DK, shade 54, Fairisle. She was impressed by the yardage.


I am intrigued by the different effects Barb has achieved by using this self patterning yarn in weaving.
Barb is making a blanket, as her test worked out so well. I am keen to see how the other squares turn out. So far they are all different, but blend together nicely.
Self patterning yarn is extremely cool.