Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The sad side of knitting

I am feeling a bit sad about posting today, as I have mislaid my camera, which has some more photographs of winning entries, which were my original posting subject, so thought I would post about an unsuccessful project instead, to keep in the mood!

Some months ago (Okay, nearly a year ago) I started the mohair shrug, with butterfly lace pattern, from Jo Sharp's knit 5.

I had a lovely time knitting the butterfly lace pattern, my only regret being that the lace pattern is almost invisible due to the soft halo of the yarn. I didn't mind this too much, thinking I would use the same lace pattern later for a scarf, where the light shines through the lace whilst you are wearing it, or perhaps in a less fluffy yarn.

Due to some interruptions (ie, shiny new projects that jumped the queue) I let the unsewn sleeve number 1 sit for a while, but around December, I decided to sew it up, in order to resume the project with a feeling of virtue (I am not very fond of the sewing up part of knitting).
Unfortunately, I found the sleeve to be rather baggy.
I took it in a little ( more sewing :( ) and started sleeve number 2.
While I was earnestly knitting sleeve number 2, just a bit every day, as I try to with a sluggish sort of project, I thought again how much more likeable I would find the lace pattern as a scarf. However, ploughing on, I started the decreases. Then I took these photographs for a progress report (trying to generate self enthusiasm).


I really don't find the sleeve flattering.
I don't think I will wear the shrug if I persist.
I think I will have to undo this project.
Sometimes you have to cut your losses.

Fortunately, I am quite keen to embark on the wrap jacket from Knit6 - using Rare Comfort Kid Mohair and Silkroad Aran Tweed together. The thought of a lovely new project will console me whilst I reverse knit.

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