Monday, February 28, 2011

Cotton bolero version 2

You may remember that I tried to knit my niece a white cotton bolero for her Christmas present.
That one ended up far too large, and was gleefully claimed by my daughter.
Just after Christmas, the cousins visited each other at their Nana's place. My niece greatly admired the bolero, in complete ignorance that she was the original intended recipient. Obviously it was my duty to try again, this time for her birthday.
I made it two sizes smaller. I am pretty sure that it will fit this time. I have posted it off to Melbourne for the last of the warm weather.

It was even quicker the second time. I am waiting to see if the other nieces fancy it too.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rib infinity scarf/cowl

The infinity scarf I made for my sister was very successful, so I thought I would try making up a different one, in rib.
stitchblissSAM_3210_plus_logo_TC (5)

stitchblissSAM_3210_plus_logo_TC (2)

For this scarf, I used exactly 2 balls of 50g (95m approx) 8ply wool. However, as I wanted to emphasise the infinity twist of the pattern, I used a complimentary shade of yarn for the last 5 rows of the pattern.

stitchblissSAM_3210_plus_logo_TC (10)

They yarns I used are Heirloom Heatherwood 8ply wool shade 586 and Jo Sharp Classic Double Knit Wool shade 008, Aubergine/ I really like the texture of both these yarns. I may need to knit a version in the opposite colour proportions.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I have not posted any projects by Jennie lately. This is not because Jennie has stopped knitting, but because I have been a bad blogger. About a month ago, Jennie kindly took photographs of her daughter modelling the gorgeous toddler dress/top Acerola. This is a free pattern from by Tonya Wagner, published on the shizknit blog. Another customer made this little dress early last year for her grand-daughter, and the photo on my brag-wall inspired Jennie to make her version. I am a terrific enabler!


Jennie used Pima Clasico 100%cotton to make her version of Acerola. The colour is Dahlia.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Moss Stitch Infinity Scarf

Whilst I was in Europe, I saw the beginning of the winter clothes in the shops, and super elongated cowls, or joined up scarves appeared often.
When thinking of my sister's February birthday, I almost always think of winter knitting. An Infinity scarf seemed just the trick for this year.


I made the scarf 140cm long, and 25 cm wide, and knit it sideways on circular needles. This was very good for summer knitting, as I did not need to drape the scarf in progress over my lap.The yarn is Aslan Trends Guanaco, a warm and soft Alpaca/Merino blend.


My daughter is kindly modelling this during a very hot day. It looks to be a particularly winterish warm scarf to me.