Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jennie's Class Headband

Whilst I am an inveterate out of season knitter, and have just finished something enormous, of 12 ply alpaca, with cables (it has to be mysterious, as it may end up as a pattern in a magazine, how exciting!), other people are much more sensible about warm weather knitting.
Here is Jennie's headband, her own pattern, made from the light, viscose-cotton blend of Aslan Trends Class.


Had I considered such a clever project, I would have thought that Class would be a little too slippery for a headband, but Jennie finds that the elasticity of stocking stitch is sufficient to hold the band in place, and the slight slipperiness means that the band does not grab at her hair.


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Anita wrap

Some time ago, I wrote a pattern with my mother, so that she could knit a wrap inspired by one my sister had seen in an expensive boutique in the Dandenongs. The wrap turned out fabulously well, and because my sister will be getting the original wrap, I wanted one too. Unfortunately, I had to knit it myself (are you reading this Mum?).

With great luck, I have managed to make one that I like even better than my sister's - and she has to wait for hers until her birthday. I feel sibling superiority (are you reading this Anita?). It is a bit sad that I have not grown out of enjoying this feeling. :)
I have been able to wear the wrap a few times, even though I knit it in Spring, which is usually far too hot for luscious mohair and alpaca.
I knit the wrap from Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed and Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair. I am writing up the pattern for the shop - it looks simple, and ended up being easy to knit once I worked out the kinks, but picking the right tension and the right combination of yarns to get the texture I wanted took a lot of test knitting. I love this wrap. I think I will knit another one in a different yarn combination.