Monday, March 29, 2010

International model

Personally, I feel that Sirdar Baby Bamboo is the perfect weight for Queensland knitting. However, I should not be Australiacentric about this yarn, Sharon has been knitting delightful jumpers and cardigans for her gorgeous grandson Tiaga, who lives in Japan, and fortunately for me, Tiaga's mum says he is allowed to model these on the blog.


Here is Tiaga in a nice manly cable cardigan from a now out of print pattern book that Sharon happened to have in her stash, in the colourway Tom Thumb. Apparently it keeps him beautifully warm, even in wintery Japan.
Maybe we will have some spring in Japan photos later (Sharon has been eyeing off all the new colours). Doesn't Tiaga do a great modeling job? I think he needs a spring jacket, not that I am enabling you or anything Sharon. :)

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