Friday, April 13, 2012

Beanies take over, Rathcooney in Invernal

Sometimes a particular type of knitting seems to jump the queue. With cooler weather starting, and a trip south, beanies are proliferating.
This particular beanie is from Carol Feller's Contemporary Irish Knits.
It is the pattern Rathcooney, knit in the medium size.
I've used the deliciously soft yarn Aslan Trends Invernal in Rouge, and used less than half of a 100g skein. This yarn is an angora (rabbit) and wool mix, so was very topical for Easter knitting;).
I enjoyed the details of this pattern. The cobblestone pattern is easily remembered, and shifts beautifully into a wide rib, and the added i-cord bind off is a very clean finish.
SAM_1081_plus_logo_ML The only change I would make, should I knit it again, would be to start with a provisional cast-on, as picking up the entire edge was a little tedious.
As beanies are so quick and satisfying to knit, I have several more to show you - they are nearly as addictive as socks.


  1. I love the hat and look at the cable detail of the jumper on the cover of that book!

  2. Lovely hat, and check out that stunning cable pattern on the jumper on the front of that book. I'm off to add it to my wish list! Thanks for sharing.