Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beanies take over, Basic Cable from Stitch'nBitch Nation

Having knit a beanie for one of my offspring, there was an urgent need for a beanie for a sibling. Fortunately, one never needs to be bored when knitting a beanie as there are so many terrific patterns around, and a beanie is so quick to knit that there is not time to get tired of the pattern before the garment is finished.
Having said this, it is possibly a little dull of me to admit that this beanie is a pattern I have knit several times previously.
This hat is an adaptation of Christine Quirion's Basic Cable Beanie from Stitch'n Bitch Nation. I find this pattern rather small for an adult beanie, but a very pleasant pattern to knit for a child's beanie.
This one is knit in DK/8ply/light worsted/category 3 weight yarn(Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool) instead of the 10ply/worsted yarn called for in the pattern. For a soft beanie, I have stayed with the size 5mm needles used in the pattern, but increased the cable repeat (additional 24 stitches) to ensure that the beanie stretches sufficiently to fit. I have also increased the height of the rib section, as the pattern as written turns out rather short for the heads in my family.
I particularly like the way the cable decrease tapers towards the crown of the beanie.

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  1. Another great beanie. Yes, I agree, great items to knit and for trying out stitch patterns!