Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bolero from Knit 2 in Jo Sharp Lumina

A pattern that works in several yarns, and in several styles is my favourite sort of pattern. I like to make up the exact garment planned by a designer as much as the next person, but adding my own variations is very satisfying.
This looks like a Summer garment.

Here is the same pattern, and same yarn, as an Autumn garment.


Last weekend, we went to a friend's house for dinner, and ate outside. It was a lovely evening, but the breeze became a bit chilly for the strappy dress I was wearing.
I could have done with this bolero.

Unfortunately, I don't have one yet, I actually knit this for a friend, to wear to her son's year 12 formal. It is modeled here by my daughter. It's a little big for her, but I think you can see the appeal of the garment better on a person than on a hanger, this yarn makes a beautifully drapey fabric.

The yarn is Jo Sharp 814 Halo Lumina, which is a gorgeous shimmering gold with integrated (soft) sequins. It's a perfect weight for spring and autumn evenings in our part of the world,.

Using Lumina for this pattern, rather than the Soho Summer cotton suggested in the starting pattern (Bolero from Jo Sharp Knit 2), makes the garment a little more dressy. Lumina requires some care in knitting, using bamboo needles and attention to detail when sewing up. I have written about working with Lumina in an earlier post

I adapted the pattern by knitting the backs and fronts in one piece to the armholes, by knitting the sleeves in the round, and by finishing the knitted on border and starting the sleeve cuffs with a stocking stitch edge, allowing it to roll over the ribbed binding for a softer look, with more textural interest.


I am impressed with the versatility of this pattern. After I'd completed the body, the sleeveless version looked rather smart as a waistcoat.
 There are 3 lengths of an A-line waistcoat in this yarn in Jo Sharp's Knit 4 book, which I admire, but this bolero version is equally as suitable.

The garment is fastened with a decorative kilt pin.

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  1. Lovely - love a little sparkle but I haven't tried knitting it yet.