Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Winkie hat

Hats may just be as addictive to knit as socks. Here is my next new hat pattern, a ribbed, striped number using 2 balls of 8ply/category3/light worsted. SAM_1221_plus_logo_BR
The yarns I have used are Jo Sharp Classic DK wool, 507 Miro, and Heirloom Celtic, 927, an Alpaca and Merino blend. The tail is an extended i-cord, with 2 additional i-cords grafted near the end. The tassel finish is rounded out with short strands of wool knotted through individual stitches along the i cord.
The stretchy rib makes the hat fit nicely on a range of head sizes, but also allows the hat to be worn with the brim turned up or down as desired. SAM_1219_plus_logo_BR SAM_1216_plus_logo_BR

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