Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Knit Issue 10 Reversible Wrap

After my first winter cardigan was spirited away, I felt an absence in my wardrobe. I needed a new cardigan quickly. (Hmmm, the first one was a quick knit too, I must be feeling a bit impatient lately). Fortunately, there is another quick to knit cardigan in the same pattern book, the reversible wrap.

I knit it in Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed, colour Asparagus, #426. It only took 7 balls, which I thought was pretty good for a big warm cardigan . I love this yarn, and the colour is gorgeous.



I quite like the cardigan worn in both directions, which surprized me, as the deservedly popular Origami top from Knit 7, which is much the same dimensions, really only appeals to me in the shawl collar direction, although the bolero direction does look fabulous on other people.


I like the shaping that the corrugated stitch pattern gives to the back of the jacket.

I did have some trouble sewing up the cardigan, as the SilkRoad DK kept breaking in the arm seams during wear. I have not had this trouble previously, and think it must be due to the high degree of stretch required of these seams near the armscye.
I oversewed with a matching DMC stranded embroidery cotton and have had no further problems. I am wearing this so often that I really think I need another one....


  1. OOhhh - this is lovely, lovely, lovely! Thanks for the tip about stitching it in the stranded cotton - I always wondered about the strength of stitching it with the yarn.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you love what you make so much that you can't stop wearing it?

  3. this is very cute. I love the colour. I just bookmarked this pattern. Might have to boot it to the top of my 'to make' list after seeing yours.