Monday, August 22, 2011

Knit 10 Yoke Cardigan and the perfidy of a close relative

The pattern description for this cardigan is rather tempting "Sassy and Soft, the cropped yoke cardigan will fly off the needles and be in your wardrobe in no time at all."
Whilst thinking about a top layer for my Stichers Guild 6 piece winter wardrobe, this sounded just the thing.
I knit it up using Aslan Trends Artesenal in colour 188 Champagne with Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in colour 634 Damask. The combination of yarns was beautifully textured and a lovely soft neutral. The pattern knit up really quickly, on 10mm needles. I was very happy with it.
However, the very loose knitting means the cardigan is quite drapey, and the edges roll rather more than I had expected.
I found it a bit arty looking for my work wardrobe. I had to pin it carefully so that the fronts were even, and ended up wearing it mostly with weekend outfits for a more casual look.
This was not a problem for me, however, wearing it whilst visiting with my mother proved to be a mistake. First she complimented it.
Next she tried it on, fastening it in a deliberately asymmetrical way that instantly gave it her style.
She looks great in it.
Next she told me some stories about how I used to steal her clothes when I was 13 (that would be the last time I fit into them, so they might be true stories, only slightly exaggerated)
After that it went home with her.
I don't think I am getting it back. She may have mentioned something like "mothers' revenge" as she drove off.
All I want to know Mum, is where is my copy of Knit 10?


  1. Aha!! Good one! It looks so soft and lovely - no wonder she snaffled it!

  2. My Mum's revenge is bringing me her mending! Great little cardi - looks good on both of you!

  3. *chuckle*

    Time to knit another one, I think!