Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moorland Lass Pam

I was all set to show you Sharon's baby bamboo blanket today, but Pam visited me this morning to show me her Moorland cardigan. She is feeling shy and asked for a headless shot, which is a real pity, as she is very happy with this project, and her lovely smile shows it! .


Pam bought this pattern and yarn a little while ago, planning to use it whilst she was travelling to West Australia. However, she knitted it up so quickly that she was able to wear the cardigan through almost the entire 3 week trip, but unfortunately had left herself nothing to knit. She told me that she and her friend had to knit one end each of her friend's project. (I think she was joking). Personally, I am always quite worried that I will run out of knitting whilst I am travelling, and take several balls of yarn "just in case". I think it is a bit like packing food for a picnic - far better to come home with left overs than to not have enough whilst you are out enjoying yourself. :)


The pattern is Moorland Lass, design F from Crofter 349. It is clever of Pam to have spotted this gem of a pattern in the book, as it is practically hidden - no big photo in the book, and not even pictured in the small photos on the back of the cover.
Pam chose colourway 60 - Loganberry, of the Sirdar DK Crofter for her cardigan.

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  1. That is just an amazing and totally impressive piece of work - love it!!