Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Silkroad DK Tweed Man's Pullover

I was very pleased when the December 09 Airline security paper was published, and bamboo knitting needles were removed from the prohibited list.
This meant I was able to knit at the airport, and whilst flying.
See what I made whilst travelling.
I had started out with a pattern from Jo Sharp Contemporary Knitting, but as this is a mid 90's pattern, it needed updating.
The only thing I ended up using from the pattern was the cable stitch pattern and the same yarn type.
My version has set in sleeves, is more fitted, and has a doubled neck band, with shaping at the back of the neck. Unfortunately, it took me 3 attempts before I was happy with the armscye and sleeve head. I should have done more preliminary maths instead of trying to wing it.

The yarn is Silkroad DK Tweed, Magnolia. It coped very well with multiple frogging sessions.

My husband says that he really likes this jumper. He might even keep wearing it now we are back home!


  1. This is a seriously awesome sweater. I hope that he does keep wearing it!

  2. Great work - excellent productivity!