Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Back

I have just returned from an investigative trip including France, Spain and England, where I had a fabulous time checking out knitting shops. I also was able to look at 2 different factories involved in yarn production and have got my hands on some truly gorgeous fibres - whole ranges not currently distributed in Australia but even more excitingly some products from small independent mills and dyers. I am really looking forward to knitting up some of these and deciding which we might be able to stock in the shop.
I patted all sorts of delicious yarns - camel, yak, silk and cashmere blends, even some unwashable paper yarn (I am afraid I am too practical to stock paper yarn at this point, but who knows!)
Just to whet your appetite, I will show you how the market at Knit Nation in London looked when I first walked in. Unfortunately, you can hardly see the yarn for the shoppers, but there was a whole warehouse sized building full of different yarn stalls.I was in heaven!

There were fabulous classes and instructors here. I am currently working on some new classes to add to our list at Stitch Bliss to pass on some of the new ideas I have picked up. I will also have some terrific books coming in over the next few months.

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