Monday, April 19, 2010

Ballet Leg Warmers

Making a ballet wrap meant that a request for the matching leg warmers was almost inevitable, as the wrap is really for dance class, not just fashion (although it has been worn with jeans and a t shirt down the street already).


I was not unhappy about this request as there was about 90% left of my fourth ball of #58 Sirdar Crofter DK from making the wrap.
I started out making the legwarmers from Sirdar book 349, but used double pointed needles and knit in the round, to avoid the sewing up at the end that I like to leave out when I can.
Once I had finished the rib cuff, I decided not to change to stocking stitch, as I felt this would make the legwarmers too floppy for my daughter. The high cotton and acrylic content of Crofter is terrific for wash and wear, but means the yarn has less elasticity and recovery than those with a higher percentage of wool content.
The legwarmers are quite successful made entirely in rib, showing the fair isle effect pattern well, and used not quite all of the two balls called for in the original pattern.
I finished these legwarmers with a stretchy cast off - picking up one stitch from the row below every 15th stitch or so, before slipping a stitch over to bind off in my usual manner.

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  1. Looking good.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. 1000+ purl stitches was the result of doing the border in the round to avoid having to stitch it on afterwards (why do we all dislike seaming? LOL). Most of the blanket was knitted flat - it was just those last ten rounds (and only five of those were purled!!).