Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Jo Sharp Ultra Beret Pattern

A few months ago, I made a black beret from Jo Sharp's Silkroad Ultra. The Beret was doing display duty in the shop once my daughter felt it was too warm to wear it, and one of our visitors wanted to make it. I rashly promised to search out the pattern I had written in order to make the beret, but somehow, I had mislaid it.
I was not entirely unhappy with writing the pattern again, as I wanted to move the cables to a more prominent position on the beret, making them part of the 5 arm spiral.
Here is my new version in the luscious cream shade of the same yarn

I think I like this one even better.

However my daughter still prefers her original beret, she says it has more texture.
Sandra has already knitted up my pattern in order to send a beret to her daughter in cold, wintery Canada. I am now an international designer! :)
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