Friday, April 3, 2009

Rian Anderson at Stitch Bliss

I was very pleased to welcome Rian Anderson, (newly) local author and knitter as a visitor to Stitch Bliss this week.

Rian came to talk to me about her knitting pattern and design book, The Oddball Knit book, which we are stocking in store. Her writing style is clear and almost as entertaining as Rian is in person. I have been dipping into her book for the last few days, and am very impressed with the level of knowledge demonstrated in the many tips and techniques Rian has packed into this 46 page book.
I am keen to try one of her interesting patterns. Each of the 7 designs can be used with any yarn thickness, or fibre type. Rian's explanation of how to calculate and graph a schematic for your own individualised garment makes it look easy. I think my calculator will be getting a work out.

We also discussed the exciting possiblity of a workshop or two in the next few months. Rian is a very experienced knitting teacher, and has some fabulous ideas and a great pile of designs in her restored Chinese treasure box (I have no idea if this box was originally for treasure, but it now contains pure knitting gold). I just had to include this last photo of Rian wearing one of her fabulous garments. The teddy is also one of Rian's designs, but he is not in a book yet.

I look forward to hearing more about Rian's knitting.

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