Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sock Love

I did knit over summer, but as usual, mostly small things.
Now that the weather might be showing some signs of cooling down in the evenings and early mornings, I am very glad that I have new socks all ready to wear.
The problem is, that I have made so many of these lovely plain yet interesting socks before, that there is very little to write about them. (The other problem is that once my daughter models them for me, I don't always get them back, but with this pair, so far, so good)
The pattern is my own.
The yarn is the delicious Aslan Trends Sante Fe, colourway Earth, with a tiny bit of Patonyle grey for the toes, as I was finishing the first sock whilst travelling, and did not have a second skein of the Sante Fe for the last centimetre of the toe ( A 50g skein of Sante Fe sometimes just makes a long enough sock for me, and sometimes is a tiny bit short).
They are very comfortable, and the variegation did not pool at all. I haven't had this happen to me yet with Sante Fe, but it is always a possibility with one of these multi colour yarns.

I may  have another pair or two to show you lurking in my almost finished pile - Don't you think that sounds so much better than UFO pile?

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