Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reveal the contents of your handbag.

A perennial chick magazine topic is the alleged investigation of the contents of a celebrity's handbag. These handbags only ever have a brand new lipstick, some keys and a smart phone inside, but I am pretty sure this is not what most people have in their handbag.

Mine always has quite a bit of beaten up useful stuff, and a partially completed sock -unless there is a partially completed glove, but a sock is much more usual. Socks are portable and by now, I can knit one without a pattern, and not looking very often - not something I can say about a fancy cardigan with lace or cables, much as I enjoy knitting these - It is nice to be accomplished at some sort of garment!
I don't show socks here much because, I admit, they are not very exciting to look at.

I was reminded of this when Lynne commented that making socks could be considered the same sort of strange behavious as knitting a hand towel. Some commercial socks are relatively inexpensive - although somewhat limited in colour and design, and rarely made of wool. Lynne makes socks, so understands these things. Knitting socks requires a different approach to the world.

 I don't see any other swimming mothers making anything useful during hour long pool side waits, and the people hanging around miserably at the doctor's are usually picking up new germs reading ancient magazines rather than producing 10% of a sock.

Watching telly is, in my opinion, merely an opportunity to get some knitting done. Why would you just sit there?

Plain knitting socks, my own plain sock pattern.


Excitingly self stripey Kaffe Fassett sock yarn

Warm feet.
Better than doing nothing.

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  1. Oh yeah! For sure! Love that yarn!

    I, too have a sock pattern in my head for all those self-striping yarns in my stash.

    Thanks for mentioning me in your post -- I do understand, and I think all crafters would; we don't make purely from necessity and certainly not for economy, those days are well and truly behind us now!