Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Green Vest

This vest started out as a version of the DK vest from Jo Sharp Knit, issue 10, but unfortunately, I was only a few rows into the garter stitch rib, when I succumbed to the pleas of a customer and sold her my shop copy, after a rush on the magazine caught us all sold out.
 I quite fancy the garter stitch rib, which is simple to knit, looks pretty, but lacks the recovery of a more standard 2x2 rib. SAM_1499_plus_logo_BR
 At this point, the vest construction started to deviate from my memory of the pattern The vest was looking rather big and boxy, so I added some more of the garter stitch ribbing to the sides in an attempt to add some shaping.
In retrospect, I should have added some more ribbing, or used regular 2x2 ribbing, as the vest is still a bit boxy.
By the time I came to the neck, I had decided on a v neck, rather than the round neck in the pattern, thinking I would like to wear it over a blouse with a stand and collar. I was quite happy with how this turned out. SAM_1507_plus_logo_BR
Unfortunately, finishing the vest caused a little problem. I asked my daughter to model it for the blog, and now she won't give it back. SAM_1500_plus_logo_BR
 Classic Double Knit Wool in shade 002, Pistachio. At least this will give me a chance to do some fitting tweaks on the next one.

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  1. You'll just have to knit yourself another one - she has paid you a very high compliment! ;-)