Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At the show

Our local quilt and craft show, put on by Rotary for the benefit of local charities (warm fuzzy) was in the first weekend of June, and despite having no ability at all at quilting, StitchBliss was there having a terrific time. (I greatly admire the quilts made by other people).
I have finally caught up enough in the shop to tell you about the show.
First let me display our stall.
This was taken on day 2, when we were a little tired and possibly disarranged, but you can see the idea - lots of easy quick projects to appeal to the knitter in every quilter ;). There were also a few luxurious temptations for the more involved lover of textiles.
It was terrific to see so many local crafters.
We did a bit of craft ourselves.
These dyed silk scarves were made at a workshop by Genesis Creations. I am giving these ladies a plug here, as my daughter and I very much enjoyed the workshop (we took turns minding the stall), and we truly meant to go back and buy some of the dye kits, but ran out of time. That is the problem with having to actually work at one of these shows! Now we will have to pay postage, sigh....

I also came across some rather peculiar ideas at the show.
I am familiar with the "I don't knit" idea. Strange, yes, ;)  but not everyone likes the same things. It did strike me that these non knitters seemed to particularly enjoy patting all the luscious yarns - clearly they are missing out on tactile experiences....
However the most peculiar idea I came across at the show was in an early morning conversation with a fellow stallholder. This very organised fellow came over to our stall whilst we were setting up and said to me "My wife used to knit"
I made some sort of  non-commital response.
"She used to knit all the time, until I said -'no more knitting'"
I must have looked quite taken aback, as he was quick to qualify this statement
"She wasn't getting anything else done, and we had enough knitting"
Now what can the owner of a yarn shop say to that?
The man went on to comment. "I saw you knitting yesterday, you are very slow"
I agreed. I do knit  more slowly than some people, but this doesn't bother me . To me knitting is just as much about enjoying the process as it is about enjoying the product. I felt very sorry for this man's wife. It would be difficult to be married to someone who felt that your creative outlet was a waste of time. (This fellow was selling his own creative outlet, which made his lack of appreciation of knitting seem even more peculiar)
What do you think?
I admit, it would have been nice to knit faster when I was trying to get all the samples ready for the show.

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  1. What a sad story. I am so glad my husband fully supports my creative pursuits - knitting and quilting!