Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jen's Willow Cowl

Look what Jen made from Sante Fe, more often encountered as a beautifully soft sock. The colourway is 1335, also known as "vintage" , and I just love it. I have to admit that I am a weak woman. When Jen showed me her almost completed and gorgeous cowl, she had hardly walked out of the shop with the yarn she needed before I had cast on a sock in the same yarn. I will probably need a cowl too ;).

We will not talk about the 3 pairs of work in progress socks that I currently have lurking about somewhere. I am blaming them on the sock knitting class we held in...ulp, March!. How did it turn into May already?

You can see more about Jen's cowl here if you are a Ravelry member.

The pattern is Willow Cowl by Amelia Lyon, which is a free pattern downloadable on Ravelry.