Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sirdar Denim Tweed DK Jumper

I started this jumper because the pattern is terrible. That sounds strange, but a lovely Dutch lady came into the shop a few months ago, asking for help with a free pattern she had collected at Spotlight. She thought that maybe her English-as-a-second-language was the reason for her confusion with the instructions. She booked a lesson to work on this pattern and to learn how to do cables.
Her English was just fine. I did wish my Dutch was better (ie existant) though, as she whipped out some really interesting Dutch pattern books with cable charts for me to demonstrate to her.
The Spotlight pattern was simply full of mistakes. However, I am not good at picking up every mistake just by reading a pattern, I have to knit it. Once I had worked out the kinks, I loved the wave ruffle at the bottom of the jumper sleeves and body, and my daughter adored the subtle pink and purple self striping of the yarn.As I had not planned this garment in my winter knitting, I put the started ruffle and a bit of Sirdar Denim Tweed away for a while, but have just finished the jumper ready for next year.

We like the horseshoe cable up the front. I have changed the dimensions of the cable panel to fit the wave border.

The all over rib makes this a sung but comfortable fit.

I changed the picking up instructions for the neck, and the transition of the cable to the neck ribbing.

This jumper used 5 and 1/2 50g (170m)balls of Sirdar Denim Tweed DK, shade 651 Lavender.
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