Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Denim Chunky Cable Jumper

Here is a jumper I made this winter that I forgot to post.

The pattern is Aran Sweater by Kate Gunn and Robyn MacDonald. I made the size 6-7, but unfortunately did not pay much attention to the finished measurements - the chest is over 80cm, with the other measurements in scale to this large size, so it fits my 11 year old daughter beautifully.
I used Sirdar Denim Chunky and my tension swatch was just fine. I do think the cotton content has made this jumper a little more stretchy than it would have been in the wool for which the pattern was designed. However, the wool/cotton blend is a much better weight for our climate.


  1. I have some the same yarn in my stash and havent decided what to knit with it yet, but your cabled sweater looks beautiful on your daughter.

  2. Hey guys

    I am looking for one skein or a partial of this yarn for a friend...SH567 is the color...She is a beginner and on the last sleeve of the sweater. Do you have any you want to sell?

    Thank Bonnie