Friday, August 25, 2017

Glorious Green Pullover

There is something very satisfying about teaching someone to knit. As the primary knitting teacher of the maker I claim full responsibility for this very smart jumper, although I did not knit a single stitch of it.
 2017-07-29 07.43.35

The starting point for this jumper is the free pattern "Waiting for Spring" by SeeSuzSew

However, you might notice that the free pattern is for a 10ply/Aran yarn, and the chosen yarn just happens to be 8ply/DK, Jo Sharp Classic Double Knit Wool in fact, which comes in many delightful colours. This jumper took not quite 11 balls of the yarn.
A tension square was knitted, washed and blocked, and after quite a bit of maths, an 8ply conversion of the pattern was started, using 3.5mm needles for the ribbing, and 4.0mm needles for the body.
2017-07-29 07.43.07
The leaf cable was not adjusted, which means that the leaf is smaller in proportion to this jumper than in the original pattern, but it looks just the right size to me.

The sleeve was made more narrow throuought, as a fitting adjustment, and the waist shaping was increased to closer approximate the measurements of the wearer. She also cleverly adapted the front armscye shaping to permit the leaf cable to continue to the shoulder, which was not possible using the shaping in the original pattern in this size.
The other change to the pattern was to double the length of the neck ribbing, and fold it over for a firmer and warmer neckline.
 2017-07-29 07.42.55
This jumper had some intensive wear during a month spent at St George, and has proved beautifully warm and practical.

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